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Online fantasy sports leagues- games that let users compile “dream” teams and predict game outcomes- are big business these days. There are more than 27 million people in the US alone who have signed up for a fantasy league of some kind or another this year, with the industry worth more than $1.5 bn. On an international stage, the Fantasy Premier League is one of the largest, attracting more than 2 million players annually.

As we see it there are at least three good reasons to get involved in fantasy sports and/or tipping games; you can release your competitive nature, you can become even more passionate about sports and finally there are generally prizes involved. 

The trouble with international fantasy sports games is that there are just so many people playing them. Your chances of shining are therefore rather slim. Your chances of winning prizes are even slimmer.

After we made another dismal start to the Fantasy Premier League we thought it prudent to find a niche fantasy sport and preferably one that’s local. The A1 Tipping Game, hosted by, is both local and niche.

An online prediction competition, the A1 Tipping Game lets you predict the results of each A1 Grand Prix in the season in an effort to win points. Unlike most tipping games it isn’t a complicated affair to play and it won’t take up hours of your week. Checking on the pundit’s predictions still isn’t a bad idea though.

To play you first need to become a member, but membership is completely free. You can then enter your predictions for each of the A1GP races for the 2009/10 season. You submit predictions for qualifying positions (pole, second and third), for race positions (first, second and third) and for a bonus round that includes tips on the last finisher and fastest lap of the race with various points being awarded for accurate tips. There are voucher prizes (redeemable with relevant sponsors) up for grabs for the winners of each round and a grand prize at the end of the season.

The grand prize for this season is a Fantastic Racing Platinum Event where you can learn to drive a race car. The fact that only South Africans can play is great as it keeps the whole thing local and means that you have a real shot at winning the prizes. also runs a similar F1 tipping game and is even looking to add a MotoGP game. Their coverage of motorsport tipping is consequently quite comprehensive.

The guys over at the A1 Tipping Game are still looking for sponsors to provide even more prizes, and are offering advertising space on the site for a week leading up to each race in exchange for sponsorships. Contact them on


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