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PowerPoint presentations are so two-thousand-and-late. Using Prezi you’ll be able to create online presentations in a diagram format, as opposed to slide-show presentations. Creating a prezi is no more difficult than a PowerPoint slide show, with lots of videos to guide you through the process.
You can add your text, images, PDF files as well as movies via an easy-to-use interface, with the end result looking much cooler than Death-by-PowerPoint. 
If you are saving money for your dream European vacation, but you’re still mulling over which countries in Europe you want to visit, then consult Joobili. Here you can choose European destinations based on events and festivals that you might be interested in.
Using the slider at the top of the page, events will be arranged according to a timeline. Slide it to the dates which you have in mind for your trip and check out what events will be happening around that time, as well as in which European countries they’ll be taking place. 
WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary
Even Eminem needs assistance to go the rhyming distance, and this no-frills site offers words that rhyme with the ones you type in. You can set it to spit out words that rhyme with the first- or last syllable of the word you type in, or offer you a double rhyme, for instance conviction and prediction.
For those more street-wise than book-smart, definitions of the suggested words are provided via the Merriam-Webster online dictionary
World Digital Library
History buffs will love the WDL with its library of historically and culturally significant materials, including old photographs, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, films as well as architectural drawings. All of the items have been arranged according to the region (nine in total) that they emanate from.
Once you select a region, you can scroll through the items and select one, for example an old map of the Cape coast, to view all the info, pics and videos available on it. 


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