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Sci-Fi Movie Page

Sci-fi fans can beam over to the Sci-Fi Movie Page, which boasts a plethora of sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie reviews, movie trailers, scripts that you can download and news on upcoming science fiction films. Although it gives you access to all the latest news, info and interviews, by employing the talents of writers and reviewers based in the US, the site is owned and run by South African James O'Ehley.

Totally looks like

This website presents you with a selection of visual comparisons between two things, one which is a well known person or object and the other being its visual twin. Comparisons can be made between anything from celebrities (like Will Farrell and his look-a-like), cartoon characters (like Squidward from SpongeBob Squarepants and his visual double) to the popular tech items (such as the iPad and its doppelgänger). You can also create and submit your own comparison, using the site’s Lol builder, to construct your very own comparisons to submit.

People of Walmart

We might not have a Walmart in South Africa, but that doesn’t preclude us from enjoying a look at some of the wacky and crazy people to have ever graced this American store. You can look at the feature creature (the sites' featured choice) or browse through the many pics, stories and videos that the blog has on offer. There are also some pics of the odd vehicles that have been parked at the store's parking lots. 

Pangloss Widom

In the age of electricity hikes by Eskom, petrol price increases and potholes, we all occasionally need a couple of inspirational thoughts to keep us from becoming depressed. This simplistic website offers short quotes as well as comments aimed at putting you in a positive frame of mind, inspired by the literary character called Dr. Pangloss created by the famous French philosopher Voltaire. If this sweetness gets too much there’s also a link to a section where you can find various Shakespearean insults.



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