By 16 January 2009 | Categories: web time wasters


If you are looking for yet another way to while away the hours at work, then is the ideal site for you.

This site offers the funniest pictures and videos, has a Chillout Lounge and a jokes section. If that’s not enough for you, they also offer hundreds of flash games in a multitude of genres such as action, adventure arcade, puzzle and more.

You are able to rate all content on the site and leave comments. Kontraband has also released a mobile version of the site which offers “the best comedy clips and games” specially made for cell phones.

The games are also available for free download straight to your cell phone. When you visit the site, I recommend that you search for “Jon Lajoie” who is prominently featured on the site and has been hailed as a “comedic genius”. This site is the perfect place to find funny content to email around the office.


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