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While the Olympics have come and gone, the Paralympic games are just about to get started.
As it did with the Summer Olympics, this site provides a comprehensive stop, catering to both spectators who want to get closer to the action and lucky travellers planning their trip. It boasts regular news, photo galleries and a full schedule of events, all frequently updated.
Handily, these can also be sorted by each sport being represented, while a variety of innovative ways to become more involved in the event are detailed. An essential visit for anyone interested one of the most inspiring sporting events of the year.
While previously rendered to being the training wheels of aspiring filmmakers, Short of the Week actually highlights these bite sized movies and offers up a new one on a weekly basis.
However, rather than dismissing them in favour of the longer and bigger movie, the site showcases some genuinely artful movies. If you are looking for innovative motion picture story-telling, or just something a little different as compared to what is on the box, Short of the Week is a valuable first stop.
The visual arts (photography, digital art) are well appreciated in our offices, and when we are not indulging in Instagram, flirting with Flickr and dabbling in digital, we are often looking for inspiration.
Thus, along with DeviantArt, Colossal serves as a rich source for visual inspiration. The blog offers a variety of work, from Flickr picks, painting, architecture and installation art, much of which is very good and a pleasure to feast one’s eyes on.
It has been asserted that much of the resolution to the global economic crises rests on the growth of entrepreneurship, particularly amongst young people or those coming out of university.
There’s a range of articles updated daily, and additionally, an entire section is devoted to personal finance. The site also offers startup advice and interviews with both young and veteran entrepreneurs. 
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