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If you love to read, and are constantly searching for new, different ebooks, Smashwords is an excellent site to go spend some time on. Essentially a hub for independent authors and publishers, the site enables users to download free ebooks, buy moderately priced ebooks, or publish and sell their own to a global readership.
Books are available in a range of categories under either fiction or non-fiction, such as adventure, sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers for the former and biographies, cooking, parenting and poetry for the latter. Well worth bookmarking (pun fully intended).

Picnik is an online photo editing site which enables you to choose photos from Picasa, Photobucket, Flickr or Facebook to edit them to your heart’s content. Some functionality includes cropping, resizing, and adding special effects, shapes and frames without ever having to install a photo editing program on your PC.
Best of all, the site does not require a cumbersome registration process. It does offers some additional premium functionality for those who subscribe (R200 a year) but the free version is a very handy way to edit photos online without shelling out for a dedicated program.


Sourcemap is an unusual website for all the right reasons, namely that of promoting social and environmental awareness. It helps consumers track the impact of their choices by showing where and how products originate plus their carbon footprint (impact on the environment).
The site explains that its goal is to enable people to make sustainable decisions. This is does through offering up ‘sourcemaps’ which tracks where things – most specifically food, beverages, clothing and electronics, amongst others – originate.
It’s not always that we come across good customer service, but when we do it’s worth talking about it. has some excellent t-shirts available online and when one of our orders got bogged down, they went out of their way to sort us out.

Their prints are out-of-the-ordinary, while you can also submit your own design in competitions that run once every two weeks. So if you are stuck for a cool present, and won’t mind a T-shirt that gets delivered directly to your doorstep, you won’t go wrong ordering one from Springleap. 


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