By Mike Joubert 2 March 2018


When the Philips Steam&Go C310 steamer first arrived at the office, we thought it might have been delivered to the wrong address for review. Not quite sure why a steamer would be sent to a tech blog with a predominantly male following, I reluctantly took it home to test. Then morning arrived and I had to rush to a meeting, with the shirt I wanted to wear wrinkled, of course. And then I realised exactly why the Philips Steam&Go was sent our way.

Fill the water tank, plug it in, give it about 45 seconds and start steaming. The creases were gone within seconds, and no ironing board or iron was in sight. It’s a quick and easy solution that will save you considerable time and effort when you need it most. That said, it’s not quite the all-round solution, since the water tank only allows enough steam for about two shirts at most.

At about 34 cm in length, the steamer might be too big for your onboard luggage, although it will fit perfectly in your checked-in suitcase for business trips overseas (our model, the C310 didn’t include a pouch, the C320 does). While it comes with a brush adapter, the Steam&Go works best without this attached when steaming shirts.

There’s not much else to say about the Philips Steam&Go steamer. It’s certainly not there to replace an iron when it comes to the heavy-duty laundry needs,  but it’s ideal if you only have a few shirts each week to smooth out. The Philips Steam&Go turned out a much handier product than expected and at R600 it comes highly recommended.  

Handier than thought
Small water tank

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