By Andrew Gould 12 December 2008


We dare not say a bad word about the MOTOROKR T505 from Motorola, as it was voted one of the top 100 best products for 2008 by PC world in the US.

So we won’t, and it doesn’t really take much convincing us otherwise really. This is another top-notch accessory from the rejuvenated Motorola brand.

The T505 is optimised for your car and lets you take and make calls, hands-free, and listen to music. The built-in FM tuner allows you to take calls and listen to music through your car’s sound system. Similar systems have been around for a while, but if you’ve ever heard someone try and take a call over one of these, you’ll know it sounds like the person on the other end of the line is speaking into a duffle-bag, whilst standing in an empty 200 litre oil-drum.

The echo and noise reduction software in the T505 make taking a call a far more pleasant experience. The T505 also features an internal speaker, so you don’t have to route it through your car speakers if you really don't want to.

It has echo and noise reduction software and an internal speaker if you don't want to route it through your cars speakers.
The system powers off after 30 minutes on no activity and the FM feature powers off after 10 minutes.

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