By Thomas McKinnon 6 August 2008


The C702, as SE’s ‘junior’ Cyber-shot, has a rather unique take on the ­concurrence of your body ­position and the weather. It has no regard for either.

The C702 is game for any angle, in any weather with its splash- and- dust resistant, imaging in action 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone is built with the ­outdoors in mind and is ideal for those who follow an active lifestyle. Its geo tagging ­feature is a great innovation in the miscellany of ­photography and GPS ­positioning. Essentially when taking a photo, information about where you are is added to the image if you are ­connected via GPS satellite. It will certainly appeal to ­anyone who travels regularly or enjoys taking snaps of their environment.

The phone takes full ­advantage of its al fresco focus with a little more bulk than its competitors. This only works to its advantage as the phone is really ­comfortable in-hand making it easy to take photos ­one-handed while on the move. The camera can be activated ­simply by opening its lens cover. It’s also surprisingly ­difficult to mark or dirty the phone which means it ‘walks the outdoor walk’. Annoying though is the phone’s back case. You have to unlock a screw mechanism to get the case off meaning you’ll find yourself looking for a screw driver when you do. 

The phone has a fantastic animated user interface which ­remains true to Cyber-shot tradition making navigation really simple. On the multimedia front you get a lot of bang for your buck. With games, web feeds and photo feeds, and a ­competent music player the phone is not short on apps. A great feature is its impressive range of GPS apps. You can access Google maps, WayFinder ­Navigation, and Tracker. Tracker is an app which allows you to track, naturally, your sports ­activities based on distance, speed and time. You can track your performance on a map ­offering graphic representation of performance and even compare different sessions. Tracker profile is even able to calculate your energy ­consumption once certain personal information has been filled in.

Overall we were impressed with the device and could find no real short comings ­considering its phone class and value. It ­basically does what SE say it does. This is a good thing because there is nothing more ­frustrating than empty promises.

It boasts an impressive range of GPS applications. Has Tracker software that allows you to record running/walking times and distances and keeps track of results.
While you can send emails from it there is no office documents viewer.

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