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In its quest for more and more original content, Netflix made a wise choice in purchasing the rights to comic book legend Mark Millar’s Millarworld last year. Four times Eisner Award winner, Millar is of course known for not just his great work at DC and Marvel, but also his individual work on Kick-Ass and Kingsman: Secret Service, amongst many others.

After publishing its first Millar comic book (The Magic Order) Netflix has announced which titles are coming to the small screen, with two TV series and three films in the pipeline.

The series we’re looking forward to the most, is Jupiter’s Legacy, the tale of the first-gen superheroes having to deal with the spoilt superhero kids that they spawned.

American Jesus should be controversial noting the subject matter. What happens if you, a 12 year old American boy, suddenly realise you are Christ incarnate? The outcome, as one can imagine, is a bit chaotic.

As for movies, how about Empress, which follows Queen Emporia teleporting from planet to planet to escape her all-evil, alien dictator husband, who is basically the worst guy in the galaxy.

Huck, tells the story of, well Huck, a gas station clerk at a seaside town who goes about each day using his special abilities to do good for all people. When word about his abilities escapes to the media, there is chaos, sending him on a super-strange adventure.

Talking of strange, how about a blue-collar bounty hunter tracking the weird across space? Nope, not Lobo, but indeed Sharkey The Bounty Hunter. Riding around in a rocket boosted ice-cream truck, Sharkey’s targets can be a bit on the wild side. You would not have seen Sharkey in pulp yet, since this will only be released as a comic in 2019.

As to when these will appear, it’s unknown yet, but we will keep readers posted as soon as news arrive.


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