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Lovers of Adidas’ UltraBOOST tech take note, there are two new additions to the  family – the UltraBOOST All Terrain and UltraBOOST X All Terrain. The latest models are designed to take on the precarious weather conditions, whether hot or cold, rain or shine.

Adidas, which is currently experiencing a major resurgence thanks to its BOOST tech, notes that the new shoes include splash-repellent Adidas Primeknit uppers made from breathable fabrics combined with moisture-repellent yarns. It wouldn’t be UltraBOOST if it wasn’t for the all-important BOOST midsole, of course with the claim that it stores and returns energy every time your foot hits the ground.

Providing the import link to the road surface is a Continental Stretchweb outsole, stated to increase foot to floor traction on slippery surfaces. The outsole also contains an All Terrain LUX configuration, making it more rugged than normal running shoes.

If you are wondering what the differences are between the UltraBOOST All Terrain and UltraBOOST X All Terrain, the X is specifically designed for the female foot and includes an adaptive arch to ensure a better Adidas Primeknit fit. The men’s version offers an integrated cage for better support.

Love it or hate it, you’re also getting the high-knit ankle ‘sock’ which the company believes adds warmth during cold runs, making us slightly suspicious of the benefit locally here in summer. Nonetheless, the sock also offers reflective detailing for added visibility under dark circumstances.

The UltraBOOST All Terrain and UltraBOOST X All Terrain should attract the gaze of sneakerheads too, and not just wily runners. But with a recommended retail price of R3 299, they certainly command more of an investment than other shoes might. Check them out at Adidas performance stores and


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