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Google has updated its latest Android Oreo OS, with 8.1 being readied for rollout to devices in coming weeks. Some of the first smartphones to receive the new operating system will be the ones made by Google, including the Nexus and Pixel brands.

Along with detailing that Android 8.1 will be pushed to devices over the next few weeks, Google outlined the source code for the OS so its relevant developers can begin fine tuning their applications and features for the other devices. Added to this, the company highlighted some of the key features that users will be able to enjoy on Android 8.1, with specific reference to the new Pixel 2 and 2 XL.

To that end, 8.1 taps into the Visual Core chip of the Pixel 2, which is specifically designed to aid third-party apps to make the most of that device's AI functionality. In particular, the photography tools that the Pixel 2 touts.

If you don't have a Pixel 2, other benefits will be designated to the on-device AI elements that Google has been profiling recently. It's something we've recently experienced on Huawei's Mate 10 Pro, and could give other newer phones the same kind of functionality.


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