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If there is a reason to be upset at this year’s Oscars, it’s the Academy’s treatment of Ari Aster’s Hereditary. This disturbing horror at the least deserved a nod in the direction of Toni Collette’s outstanding performance of the mother going slowly insane. Instead, nothing.

It you haven’t watched Hereditary, this weekend is as good a time as any to check out Aster’s debut. And for fans, like us, the past week was a good one, since it brought about the first trailer for his second movie – Midsommar.

By the looks of things this is going to be a bit of a slow burn, telling the tale of a couple, Dani (Florence Pugh, The Falling) and Christian (Jack Reynor, Macbeth), making their way to Sweden to partake in a midsummer festival of sorts.

As we’ve seen from movies such as The Wickerman, these pagan festivals can easily take a more sinister turn, and this is exactly the case with Midsommar. What seemed like an interesting celebration goes a bit awry as the rituals become more elaborate and take on an Eleusinian Mysteries air to it.

Midsommar hits the big screen come 16 August 2019, at least in the UK. Hopefully it would get a local release too. Hit play to see what Aster’s latest film holds in store.


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