Will Ferrell goes Casino Royale in trailer for The House

By Staff Writer 17 February 2017

Need to get your latest Will Ferrell (Casa de mi Padre) fix? Or Amy Poehler (A.C.O.D.) we might add. The two have teamed up for The House, as in “The House always wins”. FULL STORY >


Trailer 2 for Hathaway’s Colossal drops

By Staff Writer 17 February 2017

The second trailer has now dropped for the new Anne Hathaway Kaiju movie. Yes, we know that doesn’t quite sound right, but if you’ve seen the first trailer for Colossal you might know this isn’t exactly your regular Godzilla flick. FULL STORY >


First images of new Pacific Rim Jaegers appear

By Staff Writer 10 February 2017

More than a year off, there is very little known about Pacific Rim: Uprising, the sequel to Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 epic, Pacific Rim. Now at least we have the first visuals of three new Jaegers, set to defend us pitiful humans against a major... FULL STORY >


Marvel’s Iron Fist gets official trailer

By Staff Writer 9 February 2017

With Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage having made an appearance, the time has come to see what’s lying in store for the final member of the team, the Iron Fist. FULL STORY >


Stranger Things season 2 teaser appears

By Thomas McKinnon 6 February 2017

Yesterday’s Super Bowl was good for at least one thing – a Stranger Things season two teaser. Plus, we now know the premiere date – Halloween 2017, exclusively on Netflix of course. FULL STORY >


New trailer for Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur appears

By Staff Writer 23 January 2017

After the first trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword appeared at Comic-Con last year, a new one has now made an appearance online. FULL STORY >


Get your Kaiju fix in first trailer for Colossal

By Staff Writer 20 January 2017

Seeing that we’re still a long way off from Pacific Rim 2, and that 10 Cloverfield Lane wasn’t quite what we expected, we have to get our Kaiju fix in any which way possible. Therefore, let’s just say that as a first trailer, Colossal looks... FULL STORY >


CHiPs movie receives first trailer

By Staff Writer 12 January 2017

If you think that the new CHiPs movie is to be a trip down memory lane, well, you have another thing coming. FULL STORY >


All the best trailers from PlayStation Experience 2016

By Robin-Leigh Chetty 5 December 2016

If you somehow missed PlayStation Experience over the past weekend, we've collected all the best trailers into one location for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. FULL STORY >


Spider-Man, Kylo Ren star in trailer for Silence

By Staff Writer 25 November 2016

If you listen to the buzz on the internet, Martin Scorsese’s latest movie, Silence, is already tipped for an Oscar. The first trailer has been released and it looks about as dramatic as the topic it covers. FULL STORY >


Latest Kong: Skull Island trailer hits the spot

By Thomas McKinnon 18 November 2016

If the first trailer left you a bit undecided, well, the latest Kong: Skull Island is the business. Not only do you have the giant titular ape, but also several other monsters vying for a bit of the exploring party’s blood. FULL STORY >


First trailer for Ghost in the Shell released

By Staff Writer 14 November 2016

When we first saw the ten second teasers for Ghost in the Shell, we mentioned we were quietly optimistic. Our optimism seems to be well founded with an official trailer seeing the light of day. FULL STORY >


Top movies till the end of 2016

By Staff Writer 3 November 2016

With the end of year approaching faster than a taxi without brakes, there are at least a few thrilling flicks coming up to help with a time-out from all the madness. Below is what we believe to be the best – from magicians and magic, to Death Stars and deadly... FULL STORY >


Blair Witch

By Spling 22 September 2016

Blair Witch is a terrifying ordeal and a strong redux. FULL STORY >


Ghost in the Shell gets teaser trailers

By Staff Writer 22 September 2016

The significance of the Ghost in the Shell anime cannot be overstated, inspiring for example The Matrix in style and shot selection. Therefore, one can only hope that next year’s live action flick, starring Scarlett Johansson, does the original justice. FULL STORY >

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