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Asus appears to be ditching the normal keyboard and trackpad setup one is familiar with on their notebooks. The Taiwanese company has revealed a new lineup ZenBook Pro offerings, with the Pro 15 model sporting a display interface in place of the trackpad. Asus is also taking things a step further with their Project Precog concept notebook, which like the second-gen Yoga Book from Lenovo, features a dual-screen design.

The second screen sits in place of the keyboard and trackpad, but for all intents and purposes both displays are essentially interchangeable in terms of what information or media is displayed on them. As such, it means the Project Precog concept can be used in a number of interesting ways and has several different applications.

For now, the dual-screen notebook is said to support styluses, as well as adapting the position of the virtual keyboard to the 'ideal' placement, along with featuring a tent, stand, book and flat mode. As far as the other specifications go, nothing has been mentioned by Asus, but the dual-screen notebook could feature an AI-capable CPU, with the likes of Qualcomm and Nvidia touting the possibilities of AI processors at Computex 2018.  

Asus also notes that the production ready version of the Project Precog will be sold in 2019, although a more precise release date for the device is not known at this stage.


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