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Fear of missing out (FOMO) has probably never been more appropriate than in the month of Halloween in a year that's played out like a horror movie. While social distancing has prevented many regular events from happening, it has inspired movie critic, Stephen "Spling" Aspeling to launch and host Bingeing with Spling. The stay-at-home watch party concept has turned into a digital movie night festival with one attendee describing it as the "best movie night in... ever!"

A brand-new concept

The monthly Bingeing with Spling event is typically built on a theme and/or a main feature film. This month, the event is on Halloween (31 October) and starts from 6:30pm. You can join from almost anywhere with an internet connection, a screen and a phone to tweet along.

Being the month of horror, Spling was prompted to stage the event at with the fresh horror film, The Cleaning Lady, followed by Swedish horror Videoman.

How do you get involved? Viewers can start by following Spling Movies and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. Join the official Bingeing with Spling watch party group on Facebook, and use the hashtag #BingeingWithSpling on the day to track and join in the conversation on Twitter or why not join the WhatsApp chat room group.

The movie night kicks off with some warmup games earlier in the day, so tune in then to help get the watch party started.  Prepare to hit play at 7pm for It’s Complicated (a link will be sent to you) and then again at 8pm for The Cleaning Lady and 10:30pm for Videoman, which are both available via

To join this epic movie night festival, viewers don't even need a ticket or subscription. You will need a credit card to rent The Cleaning Lady and Videoman from - both for just R50!

The Main Feature

The Cleaning Lady may seem a little comical in the country that birthed the Madam & Eve cartoon strip, but once you've set your eyes on the chilling trailer you'll see it's more in-line with its influences – Psycho, The Thing and Audition. Directed by Jon Knautz, the psychological horror grapples with a love-addicted woman who hires a cleaning lady with a dark secret. The creepy, dark and twisted film stars Alexis Kendra, Rachel Alig and South African-born actor, Stelio Savante.

Special Guests

Beyond the main feature, Spling has a number of special guests lined up. Joining in the watch party and going behind-the-scenes with exclusive interviews, you'll be able to get the inside story on The Cleaning Lady from Stelio Savante, Rachel Alig and Jon Knautz themselves.

The watch party opens with local horror comedy short film, It's Complicated, directed by Grant De Sousa who will be sharing his thoughts too. Also joining us is prolific South African horror author, Joan De La Haye, who will be closing the watch party with an adults-only bedtime story at midnight.

Special Features

To get horror fans in the swing of things, Spling will be kicking off the event with a piece of music inspired by John Carpenter's Halloween from film composer Marc van der Meulen. Local gothic industrial metal band, Terminatryx, will be getting the watch party started with a shout out and two epic Halloween music videos to bookend the movie night festival. For the first time ever, the movie night will be turned into a double feature with dark retro Swedish comedy romance, Videoman, rounding up the night's festivities!

How to Participate

Beyond the jam-packed movie line-up, special features and exclusive interviews, Spling will introduce the event, serve up cool movie trivia and get people chatting on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp with live commentary and movie games. Viewers will be able to win prizes, engage with special guests and enjoy movie banter with other attendees. The best comments of the night will make the round-up on Monday and viewers can stand a chance of winning a prize by simply using the hashtag #BingeingWithSpling on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on the night.

To stay tuned for updates or more information, follow /SplingMovies across socials. You'll be able to track the event overview on, which will be updated with links during the course of the night.

Bingeing with Spling is all about movies and fun, so invite friends to join you online, dress up for the occasion, get the popcorn popping and make it a brilliant night in.


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