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THQ Nordic may have been quiet at E3, but they certainly weren’t at Gamescom, concluding this week in Germany. Along with unveiling a new trailer for the third entry in the Darksiders franchise, the company also divulged new details for another of its titles that is looking increasingly enticing - Biomutant.

But first, the bad news:  the game will now not be releasing this year, but rather mid 2019, so there is still a bit of a wait ahead of us. However, it did offer a tantalizing new trailer.

This shows why this game really needs to be on your radar, brimming with creativity, imagination, variety and quite far from the usual worlds seen in most games.

So much so that it reminds a bit of the heyday of the PS2, where non human creatures and characters, in a fantastic setting, reigned supreme. Albeit with much better graphics. Check it out, and then mark your calendar for summer (in the northern hemisphere) 2019.



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