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Earlier this month, we covered the news that Blizzard was Remastering classic real-time strategy title StarCraft for 4K graphics. Now there's even better news for fans of the franchise that want to play it again, with the developer making it free on PC and Mac. This version is not for the touted 4K graphics iteration, but rather the original.

Added to this is that the expansion for the game, Brood War, will also be free to play on PC and Mac. Along with the gratis version of StarCraft, Blizzard has made a number of small enhancements and fixed a fair few bugs too via a new patch titled 1.18, which the first new one released in eight years for the game.

Before the 4K Remastered version sees the light of day, this free to play variant could be a great option for those impending public holidays.


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