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The annual world champions for Dota 2, The International 2017, wrapped up over the weekend, where Team Liquid took home the grand prize of $10.8 million. While the European team made relatively easy work of the competition, one of the interesting contents at The International pitted man against machine. 

More specifically it saw Danil "Dendi" Ishutin, a Ukrainian gamer of high repute take on the OpenAI bot. Despite his best efforts, Dendi met his end pretty swiftly against OpenAI, with the match being shared on YouTube for others to see. 

Along with giving a pro gamer a crack at OpenAI, The International 2017 also allowed attendees to try their hand at besting the bot. The latter still remained victorious, but there was some progress shown, with the bot being confused for a short while as gamers tried to distract it from the main objectives. 

Perhaps then all hope is not lost. Hopefully next year's The International will see our pro gamer come up trumps. For now, hit play on the video below to see OpenAI in action. 


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