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Forget bladeless fans or super smart vacuum cleaners, the next big thing on British inventor Sir James Dyson’s plate is a “radically different” electric car.  According to the Guardian, Dyson is planning to have his vehicle ready by 2020, with 400 engineers busy with this £2.5bn operation.

The most important part of the car, the electric motor, is ready, with Dyson claiming that the two battery types under development are more efficient than those found in other electric cars, such as Tesla’s.

Dyson’s products do not come cheap, and the same applies apparently to the car, which is set to cost a pretty penny. Not willing to put down a price, Dyson instead notes, “Maybe the better figure is how much of a deposit they would be prepared to put down.”

Deposits aside, those looking to purchase will have to wait a bit since there is no prototype yet, with the vehicle’s chassis being constructed from the ground up.  

Dyson seems to be fuelled by more than ambition, commenting, “I’m not a Johnny-come-lately to electric cars. It’s been my ambition since 1998 when I was rejected by the industry that has happily been creating dirty vehicles, and governments have kept on allowing it.”

With Britain, France and China set to ban fossil fuel cars in future, Dyson’s plans might just bear fruit at the right time. But whether it can compete against the likes of Tesla’s Model 3 remains to be seen.

Image credit: By Michiel Hendryckx - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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