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Hearing all about the latest and greatest technologies available is one thing, but actually having a go-to distributor to avail oneself of needed components is quite another.

To this end, Computer Component Distributors (CCD) aims to enable businesses to easily source the technologies they require. The company provides an array of products, including workstations, networking components, computing accessories, LCD monitors, as well as notebooks, all from leading brands. Brands represented across the board include Samsung, HP, Asus, LG, Gigabyte, Netgear, Acer, Philips and BenQ. Towards the end of last year CCD also became a distributor of Toshiba’s notebook range as well.

The team at Computer Component Distributors

Pedigree of professionalism

The company, which has a 17- year strong legacy and is based in Bloemfontein, has endeavored to be customer specific, rather than product specific, which means it can more easily offer a variety of technology solutions according to customers’ needs and preferences. Additionally CCD, which serves resellers, can further source products and brands as required. Adding to its versatility is the fact that the company also offers an extensive range of Point of Sale (POS) devices, with a particular emphasis on the growing mobile computing for POS sector, along with POS terminals and POS peripherals. With regards to the latter, CCD can also offer devices such as a receipt printer, programmable keyboard, barcode printers, scanners and a customer display, all of which only make POS devices that much more capable in a business setting.

Efficiency, expanded

POS products have an extensive range of use in a variety of markets, but what is common no matter how they are used is the increased efficiency, and speeding up of business processes, that utilising these devices can deliver. Additionally, thanks to open architecture and modular designs, POS products can also be plugged into other equipment, such as kitchen displays and hand scanners, only extending their usefulness. Now, businesses have a go to-source for availing themselves off all the benefits POS can bring. The company’s website contains a full breakdown of the extensive products on offer, while its sales team can be reached on 051-447-4706.


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