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Leading Durban-based contact centre, CCI stole the show at the recent BPESA awards, walking away with more accolades than any other business, showing the power of the South African youth.

CCI managed to snatch the top spot in 5 categories, including Best Inclusive Hiring, COVID Reporting and Compliance, and On-Shore Campaign, as well as Top Analyst and Quality Professional. Similarly partner NGO, CareerBox took the prize for Best Youth Development.  

The BPESA GBS Alchemy awards, referred to as “GBS got talent 2022” was hosted in Kwa Zulu Natal and was a celebration of the phenomenal customer service talent found in South Africa. The awards recognised those who have contributed and helped to grow the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in South Africa.  

“CCI is thrilled to have its people and the excellent work they do acknowledge on such a prestigious platform,” says Peter Andrew, Managing Director of CCI Africa. “We are exceptionally proud of the work CCI has done in the last year not only in terms of providing exceptional customer service, but also the impact we have made in the surrounding community.” 

Clearly, CCI’s commitment to uplifting disadvantaged youth through their partnership with CareerBox’s now award-winning training program is not only helped them build an exceptionally diverse workforce, but also build one able to deliver strong business results, making them Africa’s largest and most successful BPO’s with 14 new international clients added to their existing 70+ in 2022.  

“The BPO sector needs to realise there is a wealth of budding talent waiting right outside their doors.” adds Andrew. “South Africa’s immense diversity is a key advantage that through our hiring practices, training programs, and partnership with CareerBox, we have been able to harness. Diverse hiring is more than a tick box exercise for us, it is a tested policy which delivers results. By embracing this diversity and creating a space where the youth of our country can thrive and find opportunity that we have achieved such business success.” 

In addition to its South African success, CCI asserts that it is pioneering a path for contact centers in the rest of Africa. Basing their approach on the same model used in South Africa, CCI and CareerBox are bringing opportunity to the most vulnerable across Africa. Already this approach is gaining international attention at their Kenyan, Ghanaian, Ethiopian, and Rwandan locations.  

“As we continue to grow our business, we will always lead with people first. We believe in the innate abilities of every South African. We hope that through our partnership we can provide a scalable solution to unemployment while providing local and international clients with exceptional CX services,” concluded Andrew. 


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