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After hearing about music photographer David Devo Oosthuizen’s favourite band (and place) to shoot, in the second part of our Canon Series he chats about the lens he can’t do without and some essential to non-high tech gear.

TechSmart: If you had to pick only one lens to shoot with, which one would it be and why?

If I could only choose one lens for my bag, it has to be the midrange zoom Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM. It is just an absolutely reliable, flexible workhorse, able to cover any challenging condition or demanding situation. The image quality and speed for the size and weight means it is my go-to weapon of choice.

Is there a new piece of equipment that has become indispensable? What about a cheap piece of gear that is essential?

As far as non-tech solutions go in my camera bag, noting beats a roll of gaffer tape, cable ties and a headlamp. I cannot even tell you how many times these have saved me (and others) at a show or festival.

Then earplugs are essential for obvious reasons. A permanent marker is remarkably one of the most sought-after items during a band meet-and-greet. The amount of money people has offered me to buy markers for a band signing session is unbelievable.

Working in an agency I am very interested in innovations like 360 Video and VR. I have been investigating this and keeping my eye on all the advancements here. This is still very much bleeding edge, but I want to start getting into this space.

All images courtesy of and copyright by David Devo Oosthuizen. For more of David Devo Oosthuizen's work:

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