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Perhaps the most influential anime films in recent history, particularly for those getting into the genre, is 1988's Akira. Aiming to build on that success, according to reports at least, is Christopher Nolan (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises), who is said to be producing a live-action trilogy for Warner Bros.

As Screen Crush notes, Warner Bros. has been trying to make a live-action Akira film for quite some time, the most recent rumours pointing to Garrett Hedlund and Kristen Stewart (who shared the screen during On The Road) starring in the project. Now, Screen Crush's sources say Nolan has been tapped to bring the iconic anime to life and usher the world of Neo-Tokyo into fruition. 

Adding weight to the rumours, was the announcement made last week that Nolan would be bringing a mystery project to theatres in July 2017. A little less than two years away, that time frame would prove enough time to bring a film of Akira's scale full circle. While it remains a rumour at this stage, it should be interesting to see which directors and actors will be linked to the project. Something tells us that Tron: Legacy's Joseph Kosinski deserves a shot behind the camera. 

Until more definitive details emerge, watch the original Japanese 1988 trailer for the anime version below.     


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