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With the excitement of the upcoming Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, it’s easy to forget about the new X-Men movie, set for a June release. The latest X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer is here to remind us that Xavier and his league of extraordinary students are not done yet, even though Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) no longer features since 2016’s Apocalypse. Instead we get some rather dramatics cuts of Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) crying in the rain and asking some pertinent questions. Did she just kill Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)? It might just be by the look of what follows.

Dark Phoenix centres around the incredible force within Jean, one that seems out of her control and for which she is now on many a mutant’s kill list. Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is tied into the affair, having rescued Jean at a young age and thereby perhaps unknowingly ensuring the utter destruction of the planet.

Although the X-Men franchise has a set of loyal followers, it does seem like it’s playing second fiddle to the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. X-Men: Apocalypse garnered $543,9 million, while one of the lesser stars of the MCU, 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, managed to grab $622,7 million. It’s a big difference if you think of the ensemble cast of stars you have in the X-Men.

Hit play below to see if Dark Phoenix will be on your must-watch list.


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