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Back in May, we covered a story of a new Hellboy movie being in the works. The news was bittersweet, as the director that helmed the first two Hellboy flicks, Guillermo Del Toro, would not be handling the latest one. Ron Perlman, who donned the red makeup and stone hand for the role of Hellboy would also not be returning, with Red going to Stranger Things actor David Harbour instead.

Now the first pic of the new Hellboy has been released, and Harbour certainly looks the part, albeit unrecognisable from any of the other roles we've seen him in. He also appears to have gotten a gym membership, and maintains the buff look we've come to know from the characters on-screen portrayals.

Compared to Perlman's version, this Hellboy's shade of red appears to be a touch darker, but that could be the lighting. His stone hand is also different, and seems to have a bit more of a metal look to it.  

Apart from this first image of our anti-hero, little is known about this new Hellboy flick, with Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones) set to direct. Set to come out sometime in 2018, hopefully more images will be forthcoming over the next few months.


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