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It seems like Bungie shows no signs of slowing down on new Destiny trailers. After unveiling numerous ones for its The Taken King expansion, arriving 15 September, we now get a live action one named Evil's Most Wanted. As you may have guessed, it refers to the game's big bad, Oryx, who you and the other Guardians must take down.

This is not the first time that Bungie has gone live action for a Destiny trailer, having done so for the first release of the game more than a year ago now. That version was epically scored by Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song. This new one also uses the unmistakable voice of Robert Plant from Black Dog, as our lead Titan Guardian is confronted with hordes of Oryx's lackies.

He dispatches with them pretty easily, before confronting Oryx himself, in what can be described as a face only a mother could love. While this trailer indeed has us amped to try out the new expansion, we have to say that the live action trailers are pretty awesome.

Perhaps then, when the dust eventually settles on Destiny, a full live action movie will be greenlit. We've also thrown in a Japanese-made live action video for Destiny, which only supports our claim that it would be an awesome flick.

While we sit and hope, click on both trailers after the break and enjoy.




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