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Discovery has loads in store for viewers for the rest of the year. This was the crux of an informal media event recently with the Discovery team, who were out from Dubai.

On the menu, appears to be a bit of everything for everyone. This includes both new shows, series that are newly released in the South African market, and the return of favourites.

But topping the lineup was the launch of a new home and gardening focused channel called HGTV.

Henry Windridge, the head of brand Middle East & Africa for Discovery added that along with the new home and gardening channel, there will also be a variety of series that are intended to sate viewer’s curiosity - a common theme for those who tend to gravitate to the Discovery channel.  

Thus, a few further offerings to come include Expedition Unknown, Apollo: The Lost Tapes, where viewers will be able to watch NASA land a man on the moon in some not seen before footage, as well as Shark Week, and Treasure Island with Bear Grylls.

Looking particularly fun is a series called Big, with Richard Hammond, which will see the presenter exploring some of the biggest, and smallest components that make things work, while getting into some hair-raising situations.

A new series that is particularly relevant to our time, and which is produced by Steven Spielberg, is Why We Hate. This, as the name suggests, will explore the violent and antisocial tendencies within human beings and aim to answer why these arises, whether they are inherent or, perhaps more frighteningly, cultivated within a society.

“While Why We Hate will be tough to watch, I think people will do so and talk about it in their offices and homes will watch and talk about it,” he asserted.

Beyond that, there is also the investigative ID channel, which boasts an array of series such as Serial Killer, The Devil Unchained, Deadly Recall and Body Cam, which looks at the perspective of law enforcement, as well as the survivor stories in Unbreakable and Live to Tell.

Windridge enthused that the ID channel has an average viewing time of 93 minutes, which he attributes to people seeking to find a sense of resolution and justice. As well, it further attracts viewers who are keen on psychology, and want to gain an understanding of why people commit horrific crimes.

Then, there is our personal favourite, the Travel channel, which Windridge noted, has received a change of direction (no pun intended). He elaborated that a good amount of mystery has been brought into its shows, with the likes of Legend Hunter, Mission Declassified, Monster Encounters, Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox, and Mysteries at the Museum all featuring.

Last but certainly not least, the company stressed that it remains committed to making content available that can be watched by viewers of any age, together, and thus Discovery Family will enjoy shows like Mighty Cruise Ships, Strange Evidence, Dodo Heroes, and Child Genius U.K.

Alas, we can’t divulge the exact date of release of any of these new and returning as yet, as they are still subject to change. One thing we can tell you: if you are curious and the Discovery offerings are a feast for a desire to know more, then you may want to invest in a decent 4K, 8K or OLED TV, as you will definitely be able to get your fill over the next six months.


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