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It has been a while since we've had a good comic book bundle on Humble Bundle. Luckily, Dynamite Comics are coming to the rescue with their 15th Anniversary Party bundle, celebrating the company’s birth in 2005. If you don't know Dynamite, they are responsible for comic book runs of famous movies and television series, amongst others.

As such, for $1 you get a number of first issues (not volumes), including The Six Million Dollar Man, Nancy Drew, Xena: Warrior Princess and Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command. Luckily there’s also George R.R. Martins' A Game of Thrones #1 – 3 and Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World #1 – 6 coming in for longer runs.

For $7 more, you’re starting to hit the sweet spot in the mid-tiers. For example, you get Bob's Burgers Vol. 1, Jeepers Creepers Vol. 1: Trail of the Beast and Uncanny Vol. 1: Season of Hungry Ghosts, but then also a number of stand-alone comics. For example, Bill Willingham of Fables fame working on Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure, Project Superpowers: Evolution for more traditional superhero fans, and some horror in the form of Evil Ernie: Godeater.

If you have $15 or more to cough up, the third tier is really where business is at. It’s here where you will score a number of Omnibus works, which should keep you reading for a long, long time. Army of Darkness Omnibus Vol. 1, as example, brings together the first 18 issues (four story arcs +), and Project Superpowers Omnibus Vol. 1 collects 22 comics. You also score The Boys: Digital Omnibus Vol. 1, which we’ve recently seen brilliantly adapted as a television series.

The $18 segment seems to be for comic book connoisseurs, containing a number of “The Art of” books. We’re interested in The Art of Atari and The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross, an icon in the world of comic book illustration. There’s also Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art and Neil Gaiman's The Last Temptation to look forward to if you have some cash to drop.  

The charity supported by this Humble Bundle is Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, whose goal it is to protect readers, creators, librarians, retailers, publishers and educators who face the threat of censorship


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