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E3 is the go-to venue for showcasing any new gaming titles. With the world's eyes on Los Angeles, California over the past few days, a number of noteworthy games made their debut. Here are five games that were revealed to rapturous applause, and have us diarising their respective release dates.  


Under development for quite some time now, Prey has finally made its official debut. A first person game where the protagonist and antagonist could be the same person, this Bethesda developed title continues the company's tradition of making intriguing games. 


Vampyr is a game that has a lot going for it, with the fact that it comes from Life is Strange developer Dontnod being a major one. Several months ago, the developers released a concept teaser trailer to detail what the game might look like once done. Now a fully fledged reveal trailer paints a slightly clearer picture.  

Quake Champions

A surprise of sorts, Bethesda, is bringing a reboot to fans in the form of Quake Champions. Having already done a good job with DOOM, Quake Champions will aim to tap into the same nostalgia. 

Death Stranding

What Death Stranding is about is anyone's guess. But is does star Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame, as well as the creative talents of Hideo Kojima's studio. With a morbidly beautiful trailer to accompany its reveal, Death Stranding is definitely on our radar.  

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Under development for the better part of a year, maybe even longer, Nintendo used its E3 2016 event to talk about one thing - The Legend of Zelda. The latest addition to the iconic franchise is titled Breath of the Wild and it looks amazing. Promising open-world gameplay and a port to the company's NX console next year, this could be just the game to get people talking about Nintendo again.


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