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While we might be aware Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, understanding it is a little more difficult. First theorised by Einstein in 1905, the next 10 years were dedicated to providing a bit more evidence, and in 1915 he published his theory of general relativity. The theory posits that gravity between objects are caused by curvatures in space and time, giving birth to the term "spacetime."

It's 100 years since that paper was published, and this week celebrates the theory of relativity within the scientific community. While reading through the paper might prove a tad too dense for the layman (yours truly included), a handy little animated video has popped up on YouTube to explain it a bit more simply. Uploaded by YouTube user Albert Einstein (the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council), the video is narrated by British actor David Tennant (Dr. Who, Broadchurch). As Tennant puts it, "while the physicists are all partying, we're wondering what the f**k it's all about."

To that end, click on the three minute-long video below and finally come to grips with the theory.


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