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Having confirmed its cross-platform release a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft has now detailed the latest batch of counter-terrorism operatives for Rainbow Six Siege. The first team hailed from Britain, but now its time for the United States, as the FBI SWAT team gets their own trailer. The US branch of Rainbow Six Siege features four operatives, each with a particular skill set.

Unlike the British operatives who utilise a combination of smoke grenades and quick takedowns, the US forces seem to favour full on engagement with the terrorists in question. Two of their operatives (Castle and Thermite) have specialised devices to defend against and quickly cut through enemies respectively, while the other two (Ash and Pulse) take down otherwise occupied enemy targets.

Set for release on the 13th of October, Rainbow Six Siege looks like the kind of title sure to keep FPS gaming fans well occupied till the year's end.


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