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While talk about the Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman might have received most of the attention, there is another superhero movie inbound soon. The Fantastic Four is receiving a reboot, with the second trailer now revealed, coming straight from Comic-Con.

While the first trailer did a fair amount to give us hope for the reboot, the new one is more standard fare. It expands on the talents of Reed Richards (Miles Teller), while also giving us more of a glimpse of Victor Domashev (Toby Kebbell), better known as Dr. Doom.

The film is mired in controversy, and with lines such as: “He’s stronger than any of us!”, “He’s not stronger than all of us.”, it’s difficult to remain positive. Luckily the reboot doesn’t exactly have big boots to fill, seeing that the previous two films didn’t set the world alight (all apologies to The Human Torch).

The Fantastic Four is due for release on 14 August in South Africa. Check out the trailer below to see if you will be standing in line come opening day. If you like what you see, also click the behind the scenes photo shoot at the bottom.


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