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On paper, The Project at Eden's Gate sounds like a quaint little retirement village for the elderly. In reality, however, it's the name of the cult terrorising the small town of Hope County in Far Cry 5. We've gotten snippets about the upcoming game's focus, but a trailer dropped over the weekend detailing the storyline for the hotly anticipated title.

In the trailer below, we see that The Project's leader is equal parts charismatic and insane, followed by a group of violent 'apostles'. As such, gamers will be tasked with helping to lead a resistance in Hope County and drive out this cult.

Developer Ubisoft did not leave it there though, revealing details for what Far Cry 5's Season Pass will have in store those who pony up and pay extra up front. Once the game launches on 27 March, Ubisoft will have three additional adventures in store, all of which take place outside of the confines of Hope County.

Hours of Darkness takes place during the Vietnam War, Dead Living Zombies is fairly self explanatory and Lost on Mars will see gamers take on Martian arachnids. There is additional incentive to get a Season Pass in the form of exclusive single-player content for Far Cry 3, before it comes commercially available later in the year.


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