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Neill Blomkamp teased us with his Oats Studio concepts, and now one of the new “experimental short films” for Oats Vol. 1 has actually dropped.

At under 25 minutes long, Rakka is exactly why we love the director of District Nine so much. And, for what it’s worth, the short movie format seems to have allowed him to play around with some awesome concepts, all clearly visible in Rakka. It’s dark, dystopian and makes short work of most full length features out there, plus it stars Sigourney Weaver to boot. We’re not going to go into the details of the story, since the less you know the better.

Rakka is the first of three films streaming via YouTube and Steam. With these, Blomkamp will gauge how much legs each has, to see if it can get support for a larger feature.

He is also calling on viewers and fans to help with donations, with this plea from the Oats Studio website: “Our wish is to receive funding sourced directly from our audience, as we establish a studio fuelled by pure creativity and passion. We have many, many more worlds to create and stories to tell, but we need help from people around the globe. Our goal is to create Volumes 2, 3, and more, and eventually, full-scale features.” By the strength of the first part we hope they get all the donations they need.

Watch Rakka in its entirety below.


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