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When it comes to superhero costumes in movies, Marvel has been a tad hit or miss. Winners in our books include the first Iron Man and Black Panther, while Hawkeye, Vision and more recently The Wasp seem to have missed the mark.

What then about Marvel's first female led superhero flick Captain Marvel? Well the first on-set picture of Brie Larson (Room, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) as Carol Danvers has surfaced, and there may be an issue with the colour scheme.

In the more recent comics, Danver's costume has featured a mix of navy blue and red with gold accents. The one pictured above, however, has teal where the red should and silver accents in place of gold. While this may cause concern for some, it turns out that the original version of the comic book character actually favoured a greener look, as Polygon points out.

As such, this look could simply be a nod to those original comic books where Captain Marvel was an alien named Mar-Vell. It also means that the signature colour scheme will also appear in the film, especially as Marvel has also ready given behind-the-scenes looks at Captain Marvel's MCU costume.  

With Captain Marvel still more than a year away from release, this will certainly not be our only glimpse of the character before it hits cinemas.


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