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If you love vinyl and all the paraphernalia that goes along with it, you must be familiar with the law of diminishing returns. But what silly law tells you how to spend your money anyways, right?

The latest high-end gear for audiophiles comes from Kostas Metaxas, known as the guy responsible for Metaxas & Sins, also known as M&S. The new sexy red Phonographic Perambulator PP1 will cost $35 000, and yes, you read that right.

Not a lot about this high-end turntable is known just yet, since M&S will only debut it at the High End audio show in Munich during May.

Uncrate does note that it is machine cut from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminium and titanium, while also offering a lathe-turned aluminium platter base. Powering this fine piece of drool-worthy audio gear is a Swiss Maxon motor belt-driven system, while Uncrate states the tonearm includes a Sapphire tube and jewelled bearings.

For more pictures of this divine creature, visit the M&S website.


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