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Fujifilm has a new addition to the Instax camera range, with the Japanese company announcing the Instax Square SQ6. The device is notable as it's the company's first square format analog Instax camera, the upshot of which is that pictures will be produced in a 1:1 aspect ratio. This means that they'll measure 60.96 mm by 60.96 mm, if you've been hankering for such an option.

Other features on the Square SQ6 include the ability to tweak some of the settings with an auto-exposure function, along with a sensor that detects brightness and an automatic shutter speed adjuster. For the millenials out there, a selfie mode is also available and a LED display to check pictures.     

The Instax Square SQ6 will come in three colours, orange, purple and green, and is set to retail for $129.95 Stateside when it launches there on 25 May. No word on whether it will be coming to SA yet.


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