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Ever since a teaser trailer for EA's Anthem debuted a year ago, we've been wondering whether the title would serve as the developer's gaming rival to Destiny. In order to get a better idea of what the game will entail, EA's Play E3 event showcased a number of new trailers focused on gameplay. As it turns out, the similarities to Destiny are there, although the lore of the game could not be more different.

That said, there will be a few classes exosuit to choose from, each with their own pros and cons depending on gamers’ preferred style of play. Each of the classes also has its own weapon system and specific upgrades, which means that choosing the right tools for the job will be essential. Added to this, the correct mix of classes is needed, particularly when playing in a team, as too many of one class might leave the group weaker in certain areas of gameplay.

From there, the gameplay trailer focuses on the exploration and defending aspects of Anthem. A highlight from the former is the jetpacks attached to each class of suit, which really opens up the options as far as checking out different areas of the map goes. When it comes to weapons gameplay, there isn't really anything revolutionary to Anthem. That said, there is a wide variety of different weapons at one's disposal, meaning a bunch of ways one can approach enemy targets.   

With only the trailer to go on so far, Anthem is shaping up nicely, and based on the detailed landscapes and environments, as well as the level of exploration on offer, could be a noteworthy game when it gets released in 2019.


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