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There’s a number of local game developers who are doing really well on the international market, amongst them a duo who launched their game, Semblance on the Nintendo Switch. If you have that urge to start investigating what gaming development is all about, or perhaps you’re already well on track – Humble Bundle’s got a deal for you.

The Humble Book Bundle: Program Your Own Games gives you access to some of publisher Mercury’s newest ebooks. In total, 19 books are up for grabs, worth a solid $649. That’s not what you need to pay though, since the bundle is tiered according to much lower rates.

$1 gets you a solid start, with titles such as Introduction to Game Development and Video Game Addiction, which we’re quite sure will not be used for nefarious purposes.

Got $8? There’s more titles in the next tier, with iOS for Game Programmers, Video Game Writing and Programming Essentials Using Java there for the picking.

Give up a couple of Happy Meals and you might just make the $15 asking-price of the full bundle. That consists of all 19 books, complete with an extra goodie bag for Star Trek Online. Some of the final titles include 3D Character Development Workshop, Storyboarding, and, well, Photo Restoration Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

If playing games is what you are interested in, and not programming them, remember that Humble Bundle has a number of video game bundles running as always. For example, the Humble Sports Bundle includes Sega Bass Fishing, F1 2017 and Super Blood Hockey. 


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