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The world of artificial intelligence is blooming and now Humble Bundle has provided one of the best ways to get into the field. The A.I. Bundle by publisher Packt is kind of a big deal, offering a number of titles related to machine learning and AI programming.

It all starts with only $1 needed, for which you get books such as Practical Game AI Programming and Machine Learning with C++. You also get three months’ worth of access to Mapt Pro for $30, offering full access to a range of programming books and videos, usually going for $30 a month.

$8 gets you Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Machine Learning Algorithms and six more title. If you are willing to spend the full $15, however, you can get approximately $1691 worth of books and videos, including a number of titles relating to Python and TensorFlow.

The bundle has 13 more days to go before finishing but that’s no reason to not stock up while you can. Buying this bundle will support Code for America and Charity: Water, so you're also contributing to a good cause.

If AI is not your bag, do check out the Mad Scientist by Make bundle, with a range of interesting topics ranging from biohacking, analogue synths and drones.


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