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There’s usually a nice comic book bundle from Humble Bundle to write about on a Thursday, but this is not the case today, seeing that the offer released yesterday contains 3D printable models for D&D fundi’s.

However, there’s another bundle that seems the perfect one to get before the long weekend. The Max Your Mind bundle contains a number of self-improvement titles by Open Road Media. This book bundle appears to have something for everyone - from boozers, to train-lovers, to superhero fans, to those wanting to survive the coming apocalypse, there’s a title here for you.

The name of the game is pay what you want, but pay more to get more. Starting off with a measly $1, you receive a hearty eight DRM-free PDF titles. The standouts here include the self-explanatory Improve Your Memory; Edison's Concrete Piano that looks at inventors’ many failures; and How to Prosper in the Coming Apocalypse which is all about making money when civilisation collapses.

$8 will get you nine more books. Here we have our eyes on Drinkology Beer, telling you more about the bitter amber nectar; Star Trek: The Next Generation 365, which breaks down all 365 episodes of the series; and Max Your Mind: The Owner's Guide for a Strong Brain, which should help you master the grey matter inside your skull.

Putting down $15 to get everything is tempting, since what’s included in the full package is Dr. Seuss Goes to War. This book features all of Dr. Seuss’ cartoons he did for the PM, a daily New York paper during the WWII. While many know and love his children’s books, he was fiercely apposed to Japan and Germany, with his cartoons very much a product of its times.

Two more titles here of interest includes Rise of the SuperHeroes, exploring the Silver Age of Comics; and Medieval Combat for when you find yourself with only a poleaxe to defend yourself.

If you purchase a bundle, some of the proceeds will go to Dress for Success, a non-profit that strives to help women become economically independent.


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