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Every now and then a bargain comes around on Humble Bundle for those wanting to learn how to code. It’s that time again with the Programming by Packt bundle.

A cursory glance at the different tiers on offer shows a tendency towards JavaScript, C++ and Python, with a total of $1 604 worth of books on offer for a meagre $15. It all starts with just $1 though, which will get you titles such as Understanding Software and C++ Programming By Example.

$8 is needed to get you into the next tier of books, which includes Java 11 Cookbook, Functional Python Programming and Advanced Go Programming in 7 Days.

Our recommendation is to just go all in, with $15 from your credit card going towards the whole shebang. The twelve books in the final tier include Software Architect’s Handbook, Java 11 in 7 Days and Mastering Go amongst others.

Not interested in programming, or perhaps need some reading material to take the edge off? The Science Fiction by Start Bundle is it, but you have to act fast since it ends tonight. Looking at the different tiers you’ll notice that there’s a bit of horror and a lot of fantasy thrown in for good measure, actually more than the sci-fi itself. For pure science fiction fans, $1 will get you Neil Clarke’s The Final Frontier, while $8 will get you Best Science Fiction of the Year Volume 2 and Superposition by David Walton, amongst others.

$15 unlocks everything including Alien Contact that includes short stories from the past 30 years regarding ETs, and Book of Cthulhu 2, with short stories regarding the Great Old Ones for fans of Lovecraft.

Humble Bundle of course also have software and gaming bundles running, so make full use of the site while there.


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