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The annual Geneva Motor Show, which finished yesterday, usually serves up a smorgasbord of motoring goodness, from radical concepts to high powered roadsters and heavy duty off-roaders, it has something for everybody. Even tyres get their time to shine, and Goodyear showcased a rather intriguing new Triple Tube concept. The tyre was designed by Goodyear's Luxembourg-based Innovation Centre.

The team there believes this new concept tyre will be a perfect fit for autonomous vehicles, as the self-driving technology will allow the tyre to "prepare" itself for any upcoming bends. The tyre itself features an internal pump, which channels air from a main chamber to three individual air chambers. They are designed to automatically adjust and distribute airflow between them based on the condition of the road.

There are three different positions (tyre pressure settings): Eco/Safety, Sporty and Wet Safety. The different positions would not affect the tyre's overall pressure, but rather the amount of pressure designated to each internal chamber. Along with automatically adjusting to road conditions, the Triple Tube system would also allow drivers to get a puncture and still continue driving unimpeded.

Check out the video below, to see the morphing Triple Tube concept tyre from Goodyear in action.



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