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Google has made the latest stable version of the world’s most used desktop web browser available for download.

Chrome 29 boasts improvements to omnibox suggestions that are based upon recent websites that a user visited, resulting in more timely and contextually relevant suggestions. Mac users now receive support for rich notifications, allowing them to keep better tabs on their apps and extensions.

Another handy new feature addition to Chrome is the ability to reset your browser settings, without effecting a user’s apps, themes, and bookmarks. The steps to do this is laid out in the image posted below.

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Users who are new to Chrome can go to Google’s page to download version 29. Those who already have Chrome installed on their PC can simply click on the control and customisation icon (three vertically stacked dashes on the right) and select ‘About Google Chrome’ to kick off the automatic update process.

Broadening users’ mobile browsing horizons

On the mobile end of the browser spectrum, namely Chrome on Android, Google has enhanced both scrolling and startup browser performance. In addition, the company introduced WebRTC support to the Chrome browser on Android, which enables video conversation directly in the browser without the need for a plugin.

Android mobile device users can download the Chrome browser on Android from Google Play, and those with Jelly Bean-running devices can update their browsers to gain access to the new features.  

In related news, Google also recently unveiled a new feature to its search called ‘In-depth Articles’, which offers up a new block of search results within Google’s main search results dedicated just to longer form articles pertaining to the search term.


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