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If there are two words you can expect to hear a lot of this week, it is Black Friday. And no, that is not a reference to the impending load shedding making an unwelcome return nor the sudden spate of substations tripping throughout Johannesburg thanks to the rain.

Rather it is the day when retailers all aim to outdo each other in offering bargains, price cuts, and special time limited deals.

Indeed, it may have started in the US, but the trend has certainly picked up steam here, with 66% of South Africans apparently expected to participate in Black Friday this year, according to a survey by Black Friday Global.

What you can also expect is some of the more prominent players offering advice as to how to make the most of Black Friday, rather than falling prey to a buying frenzy and the subsequent buyers remorse.  HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, for one, has offered a few black Friday hacks to help you get the most out of your mobile shopping experience. These include:

· Set a budget: Set a clear budget for yourself and stick to it. No deal is worth it if you can’t actually afford it.

· Go incognito: Open an incognito window to enable private browsing and disable plugins, some websites can track your previous visits or coupon plug-ins and adjust their prices accordingly.

· Be a social guru: Have your eyes peeled on social media. Follow retailers on Twitter and Instagram and like them on Facebook for regular and up to date sale news on your social feed. Some stores also have websites where customers can sign up to receive deal alerts.

· Price check ahead of time: Know the average cost of the item you are purchasing. Watch out for hidden shipping/delivery costs and inflated items that “seem” on sale.

· Don’t purchase for the sake of it: Consider what you want to purchase ahead of time in terms of needs not wants. Consider upcoming birthdays and the Festive Season.

· Add to cart ahead of the rush: Once you’ve decided on what you really need, add those items to your cart in advance. In most cases your discount will auto appear as soon as the sale starts.

· If it feels unsafe, it probably is: Ensure the website you are purchasing from is safe and the payment portal is trusted and secure.

Shaun Durandt, the general manager for Southern Africa at HMD Global, pointed out that according to a survey by PayPal, 85% of South African online shoppers use their mobile devices for payment transactions and the number is growing.

“With the demand of mobile shopping on the rise locally, consumers should be aware of the mobile features on their device to make their shopping experience more effective and enjoyable,” he encouraged.

“Remember, be patient, not impulsive and you are sure to grab yourself some great deals this coming Black Friday,” he concluded.



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