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There are incredible high expectations placed on the new Hellboy movie. On the one hand you have Del Toro fanboys asking why the, well, hell, did the auteur not complete his trilogy. In the same group are those noting that there will be no other actor born to play Hellboy as much as Ron Perlman.

On the other hand the studio needs to make a movie that stand out from the litany of other comic book movies and also attract a new group of dedicated followers. This is no easy task, which makes us interested in seeing what the new reboot, simply called Hellboy, is going to bring to the table.

We have now received the second trailer – a red band one which means it’s slightly more NSFW than normal. While critique on the first trailer noted that the movie looks too upbeat, the new one drags the tone down a bit, showing us more of Nimue the Queen of Blood (Milla Jovovich, The Fifth Element), an ancient British sorceress who may have taken a bit of a fancy to our red friend (David Harbour, Stranger Things). She also is intent on destroying the world, or at least London, by the looks of it.

There’s also a glimpse of the legendary Baba Yaga and her Chicken Legged House, but what her role in the movie will be remains unclear.

Overall, we can’t say we’re convinced just yet. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy world carries a certain tone, and whether Neil Marshall’s (The Descent, The Centurion) version will translate remains to be seen. Despite this, Hellboy is on our must watch list for the year and we’ll be there when it opens on 12 April.


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