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We're more pleased than most that Ryan Reynolds will be playing Deadpool in an upcoming film, especially given the lukewarm reception the character got for a bit-part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and his much maligned turn as Green Lantern. As part of the many April Fool's pranks from yesterday, this video was one of the best. In it Reynolds is on location shooting Deadpool and conducting an interview with Extra's Mario Lopez. The two discuss the proposed PG13 rating for the film, but we'll let you click on the video below and enjoy the rest. 

Best bit: 1:15 as Deadpool takes a chair to Mario Lopez. 

Mad Max: Fury Road

May 2015

The barren wasteland of a dystopian Australian outback makes its return in the Mad Max reboot, Fury Road. Up to now we've gotten a few glimpses of director, George Miller's vision of the future, and by the looks of this latest trailer it is completely insane. We're not too sure what the budget on this was, but we're guessing most of it was put towards cars and explosions, as there are a ton of them in this film. As with any reboot, we've got a new lead in Tom Hardy as the titular character. He's also joined by Charlize Theron as the pair try to make their escape from a masked albino protagonist. Fury Road is set to hit cinemas on 15 May, and will be a feast for the eyes and ears.  

Best bit: Any one of the insane car stunts or explosions. 

The 33


In 2010, the world was engrossed by the story of 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days. This new film, starring Antonio Banderas, tells their story, and the immense physical and emotional toil they had to endure. Along with the 33 men trapped inside the mine, the film also deals with the families of the men, and the ordeal they went through each day. We may know that this story ends in the 33's eventual safety, but this film should prove a great chance for Banderas to show off his acting chops. For now, no official release date has been set for The 33, but it is expected to debut by Q4 2015.  

Best bit: 2:25 as drills break into the mine walls


August 2015

When a film titled Masterminds stars Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover, Birdman), you know it will entail anything but mastery of the mind. Apparently based on true events, the film centres around a night guard who ambitiously steals $17 million. Adding to the film's high jinx are the comedic talents of Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, Saturday Night Live) and Owen Wilson (Starsky & Hutch, The Internship). The pair are also Galifianakis' accomplices, and seemingly try to dupe one another out of the fortune they have just stolen. Destined for cinemas come August this year. Masterminds looks like one of those so stupid it's good films.  

Best bit: 0:53 as Galifianakis struts his stuff in a red and white cowboy getup.       


July 2015

A modern-day version of Rocky? There are plenty of comparisons between Jake Gyllenhaal's new boxing film and that of Stallone's. The lead character Billy Hope has a penchant for taking punishment in the ring, before beating his opponents, much like Rocky Balboa did. The key difference between the two is that Hope has his wife taken from him in an act of violence, and has to begin a journey of redemption. Physically transforming his appearance from the gaunt look sported in last year's Nightcrawler, it should prove interesting to see if Gyllenhaal can bring a solid acting performance to the ring as well in Southpaw.

Best bit: 1:56 when Hope starts training for his comeback. 

Monsters: Dark Continent

April 2015

A sequel to 2010's Monsters, this film is not wholly contingent on whether you watched the first. It takes place ten years after an alien invasion ravages the planet, with small pockets known as infected zones no longer safe for inhabiting. Dark Continent follows a small group of marines as they battle in the war torn Middle East, all while gigantic alien monsters roam freely wrecking havoc. Although Dark Continent is an effects driven film, there are seems to be some genuine human emotion on display, as the marines wrestle with personal demons as well.  

Best bit: 0:43 as choppers try to dodge gigantic alien limbs. 


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