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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
March 2016

Talk about South Africans being trendsetters - in the first official trailer for DC’s blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we come up close and personal with a defaced statue of the Man of Steel. #Supermanmustfall hashtags aside, we are shown a very sombre looking Ben Affleck as the new Batman, also catching a brief glimpse of the Batmobile.

While the reason for Superman (again played by Henry Cavill) and Batman’s animosity is hinted at, the exact cause of the beef is not yet provided, nor the massive ensuing fisticuffs. Ultimately, as any good first trailer should, it leaves us with more questions than answers, with the reveal of both Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) also to follow down the line.

Best bit: Batman in desperate need of lozenges at 1:40.

Jurassic World, Trailer 2
June 2015 in States

Judging by its trailers, Jurassic World is starting to look every inch the blockbuster it is said to be. The latest one is Chris Pratt heavy, a good thing in our books, showing the reasons why he might just be the next Will Smith when it comes to securing ticket sales. If the previous movies showed why resurrecting the dinosaurs might just be a bad idea, then Jurassic World proves then that genetically modifying one is even worse.

Best bit: 1:56 when the helicopter crashes through the dome.

April 2015 (Belgium)

Infini is a sci-fi horror in the same vein as Event Horizon, as an elite search and rescue team is sent to a mining space station that suffered an unknown accident. As expected, the search and rescue team, headed up by Charlie Kent (Luke Hemsworth, brother of Thor), encounters something far more sinister than desired. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when a survivor is found, and then it's a fight for survival as the team ends up needing rescuing itself.

Best bit: When Kent optimistically asks "When can we go home?" at 1:45.

May 2015 (United States)

This third trailer for Tomorrowland is our most definitive look yet, as the Disney film sees George Clooney take up the mantle of reluctant hero Frank Walker. Although Clooney will get the biggest screen credit, Tomorrowland also features youngster Britt Robertson as Casey Newson. Together, the pair embark on a mission to uncover a hidden world that exists in their collective memory. Debuting Stateside in a few weeks, Tomorrowland's biggest draw is that at this stage we know very little about it. 

Best bit: 1:55 as we see the world's first rocket-powered bath tub.

The Little Prince
July 2015 (France)

The The Little Prince movie has already garnered plenty of praise to date, and from the looks of its first international trailer, it's clear to see why. Beautifully melding different animation styles, it deals with subject of adulthood and loss of innocence in a very original way. Based on an eponymously named book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this should prove to be a charming and enchanting film when it debuts in July this year. As for when we'll get to enjoy it, release dates outside of France are not known.

Best bit: Any sequence featuring the little Prince's world.

June 2015 (United States)

High School, retro 90s era haircuts, music festivals and drugs. Dope has all the makings of good R-rated comedy. It stars Shameik Moore (Incredible Crew) as Malcolm, a hightop fade-sporting high schooler with great grades, but no way to get into college. The usual teen hijinx ensues from then on, although ours never involved Victoria's Secret models (Chanel Iman) and drug dealers (A$AP Rocky), as Malcolm struggles with pressure from all sides. More good-old-fashioned fun than cultural zeitgeist, Dope has a 21 Jump Street kind of vibe about it.

Best bit: When the gang goes looking for white kids at Coachella.   

Private Number
1 May in States

When someone calls up writer Michael Lane (Hal Ozsan, Helter Skelter) and asks him if he remembers her, it triggers again a number of heart stopping hallucinations that started after a horrible accident in his past. Somewhere along these frights, he stumbles on a murder mystery which is linked to the woman that keeps appearing (not dressed in her Sunday best we might add). Private Number looks like a flick that should be worth watching just for the big reveal at the end.

Best bit: A sensual shower leads to a sudden shock at 0:56.


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