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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

July 2015

James Bond, the Bourne movies and Mission: Impossible. You know we’re living in good times if you have three awesome spy series to look forward to. The latest Mission Impossible flick is called Rogue Nation and sees Ethan Hunt facing up to the Syndicate, a covert organisation which are trying their level best to destroy Hunt’s Impossible Missions Force. If climbing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai was Ghost Protocol’s hot stunt, then certainly Hunt hanging onto an Airbus A400M while taking off takes the cake in this one. In true Tom Cruise style, he did it all by himself.

Best bit:  2:16 when Ethan switches off all electronics for take-off.


June 2015

Love or hate them, those five wannabes are still trying to take over Hollywood. It's taken four years for this film to come to fruition since the series ended in 2011, and seems like not much has changed for Vince (Adrian Grenier) and his cronies. As you can tell by the trailer below, the Entourage crew is as ambitious as ever, and Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) brings his anger and neuroses to the fore. Also in the mix is all manner of cameo, as everyone from NFL player Rob Gronkowski to MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, and of course producer Mark Wahlberg. 

Best bit: 1:18 as those famous "We gotta sex tape" words get uttered. 


May in Sweden

Excuse us if we’re wrong, but why does it seem that releasing an infected person into the custody of their loved ones is a very, very bad idea? Arnie is showing off his acting chops in this zombie movie/family drama, taking care of his infected daughter Maggie (Abigail Breslin) while waiting for the inevitable to happen. Breslin previously played in (the excellent) Zombieland, so she goes from killing zombies to becoming one.

Best bit: 1:01 – Zombie with a gun.

Super Troopers 2


In what could be an Indiegogo record, the Broken Lizard team behind films like Super Troopers, Beerfest and the like, have raised more than $2 million in one day in order to get  Super Troopers 2 off the ground. Accompanying this campaign is a rather funny, and strangely informative trailer, as the rag tag team of state troopers get up to their usual antics. With 30 days left for fundraising, there is still plenty of chances to donate to Super Troopers 2, with all manner of perks available.

Best bit: 2:40 when Farva gets stuffed into his own car trunk. 

Silicon Valley Season 2

April 2015

The team at Pied Piper is back, and per the norm are in heated competition with Hooli to get their app to market. All the essential elements from the first season are back, as Richard (Thomas Middleditch) still struggles to assert his authority, Erlich (T.J Miller) asserts too much of his, and Aly and Gilfoyle continue to chide one another in a game of oneupmanship. Our favourite assistant Monica (Amanda Crew) returns, but this time round has to deal with an eccentric female boss instead. Silicon Valley had a strong showing in its first year, and based on the trailer below shows no signs of suffering the sophomore slump.  

Best bit: 0:45 as Jared struggles with "Bros over Hoes". 

What Lives Within

March 2015

If you love your movies whimsical and crammed with creativity and imagination, then you will definitely want to check out the trailer for What Lives Within. Conjuring fond memories of Big Fish, What Lives Within will apparently similarly blur the lines, between what is imagined and what is considered real. What is definitely undeniable though, is the acting talent bringing it to life, including Colin Hanks (Fargo, Dexter, Orange County) and Catherine O’Hara (Beetlejuice, For your Consideration) and J.K Simmons (Spider-Man 1 to 3). Also worth noting is that the seemingly enchanting movie is being to the fore by none other than Dell.

Best bit: When the fantastic world comes to life (0:38)

Good Kill

April in the States

After American Sniper ended up top at the American box office last year, another war movie emerges, this time looking at the morals of drone warfare. Good Kill follows fighter pilot Tom Egans (Ethan Hawke) as he gets recruited into flying drones through Afghanistan, killing people the one moment and barbecuing the next. Andrew Niccol, responsible for Lord of War and Gattaca, is at the helm, so we should be in good hands.

Best bit: 0:40 - This ain’t PlayStation, we are killing people. Yeah exactly.

Inspired to Ride

April 2015

With the Cape Epic just done, how about a documentary about a bike race that stretches the whole of America? Trick is, there are no backup vehicles, no support crews and no prize money. Just a bike, ten states and 6812 kilometres of tar. Filmmaker Mike Dion tracked the the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race and funded the movie through a successful Kickstarter campaign. It should be inspirational and shows same great American landscapes.

Best bit: 1:00 – Riding a bike, and riding it a bit more, and a bit more.

Inspired to Ride Teaser Trailer from Mike Dion on Vimeo.

Slow West

June 2015

Our second favourite Magneto is back to the big screen, but this time in a far more different role. Michael Fassbender helms Slow West as a mysterious traveler named Silas. He's joined by a 16-year old boy who journeys from his native Scotland to the Wild West in search of his true love. Love story aside, there is certainly a lot of heart to this film, as the surrogate father role played by Fassbender looks masterfully pulled off. The movie also has a feel of True Grit about it, as the two companions negotiate the untamed western frontier.  

Best bit: Any one of Fassbender's one-liners throughout the trailer. 

Contributions by Michael Joubert, Ryan Noik and Robin-Leigh Chetty. 


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